Essential Car Maintenance Tips for All Makes and Models

Posted Monday, Jun 26, 2023

Essential Car Maintenance Tips for All Makes and Models
Vehicle maintenance is the key to a satisfied driving experience. Whether you opt for new or used car finance, you must keep a few crucial maintenance protocols in check for all makes and models. Many car buyers overlook the need for periodic maintenance and take their car to the workshop once it breaks down in the middle of the road. Such ethics can impact your car's performance and reduce its engine's life significantly. We have added essential car maintenance tips below to better understand how you can keep a good maintenance record.

Five Tips to Follow for Vehicle Maintenance

Before diving into the tips, let us quickly address many car owners' important concerns. Many users ask if all makes and models have the same maintenance rules. The simple answer is yes. If we speak about the basic maintenance checks, each vehicle has the same requirements. However, some cars have varying requirements based on special features of driving modes. We recommend consulting an auto expert when buying a new or used car from a dealership for essential tips. Let's dive into the details.

Follow Your Scheduled Maintenance Guide

When you buy a new car, the dealership will provide you with a user manual containing a maintenance guide and other important details you may need. Many car owners overlook the use of it and regret it later. Instead of speaking to a mechanic, you may thoroughly check your manual's details to know when your first oil and air filter change is due.

Moreover, the user manual provides details about the type and grade of oil you should use for efficient performance. Some automobile companies also provide alternative solutions in the manual in case a recommended product is unavailable. On the contrary, you may opt for a different maintenance approach when considering used car finance.

Used cars have a vehicle maintenance report that highlights the type of oils and other fluids used in the car. You may consult your mechanic before changing an oil grade or type to avoid problems. At any cost, you may stick to your scheduled maintenance routines.

Go for Oil Changes When Needed

Oil changes are crucial for efficient car performance. Regardless of your vehicle preferences, you must go for an oil change when due to avoid engine problems. Some car owners take this step lightly and use their judgment to determine when their car needs new oil. While it may work for some, such practices are never recommended by automobile brands.

A good rule is to check your car's user manual to know the safe oil-change ranges. Some vehicles have a 3,000-mile recommendation. Modern vehicles have advanced engines that do not require an oil change before 7,000 miles (or even 10,000). However, determining a safe limit depends on your driving habits and road conditions.

The oil change rule is much simpler when buying new cars. While valid, used car owners find it confusing when to go for an oil change. Some used car dealers recommend checking the vehicle's history report and user manual to know the best practices.

Be Cautious About Octane Ratings

Octane rating refers to the quality of gasoline used for different vehicles. Some vehicles require high-octane fuel to deliver the best performance. A general understanding is that most vehicles perform well on high-octane gasoline. However, it may not be true anymore. Modern vehicles have varying gasoline requirements. You must ask the dealership or check the car's manual to know the best octane rating for your vehicle.

Typically, sports cars require high-octane fuel to perform well. They use engines designed for higher octane ratings. If your car is tuned for lower octane ratings, using a higher-rating gasoline can lead to efficiency problems. A good rule is to speak to other car owners of the same make and model to determine the best rating.

If you do not know any such car owners, you can join online communities for specific vehicle makes and models to find solutions. You may also connect with automobile experts on such forums for other maintenance-related tips.

Carefully Monitor Your Tire Pressure

Getting auto loans for a new or used vehicle and getting your hands on the desired car is merely the beginning of the story. You may check many factors to ensure your car is fit for use. The top factor is tire pressure. It is the level of air present inside your vehicle's tire to resist bumps and maintain road grip. Automobile companies recommend a safe limit to avoid tire bursts while driving.

First-time vehicle owners often take tire pressure lightly and ignore it. Such habits can lead to uncalled-for disasters. Modern vehicles feature a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to indicate low or high pressure while driving the car. If your car does not have it, you can go to a tire shop and get it checked every once to ensure road safety.

While you check tire pressure, do not forget to check your spare tire. Your car's spare tire should always be fit for use. In case of tire bursts, you may need a spare one to keep your car going.

Understand Your Car's Warning Lights

Every car has warning lights that highlight underlying issues, including oil checks, engine problems, and other issues. Since they appear next to your vehicle's speedometer, you may need to understand the meaning of each sign to identify the problem.

For this purpose, you can use your car's manual and learn the meanings of each warning. You may also seek an automobile expert's help to understand what each sign shows. Once you learn them, you may keep an eye on the digital cluster to spot any warning signs.

If you face multiple warning lights or find it difficult to understand the meanings, you may take your car to a workshop and get it thoroughly checked.

The Takeaway

The above factors highlight essential car maintenance tips for all makes and models. You may find them helpful when going for new or used car finance. If you need help finding the best vehicles, The Internet Car Lot can help you. Our vast vehicle collection and easy financing solutions can fit your needs well. Contact us today to get started.