For Buyers:

Do you offer financing?
Yes we offer financing. Please CLICK HERE to fill out a secure finance application to get the process started or contact us at 402-991-1112.

CLICK HERE to submit your vehicle to us for a trade-in appraisal.

How do I test drive/see a vehicle you’re selling on consignment?
Please understand we are different than most dealership as we help private individuals sell their vehicles online. With that said, we do not store all of the vehicles here on our lot. Our customer brings the vehicle to us, we do our inspection on the vehicle, take pictures, and then the owner takes the vehicle back home with them. All showings have to be done at our location so he would have the drive the vehicle down to us and leave it with us for a day, get a ride home, etc… We don’t mind setting this up, but first like to talk price a bit to make sure we’re in the same approximate ball park so we don’t waste your time or the seller’s time. In case you haven’t seen them yet too – there’s over 40 pictures and details on our website. We also ask that we can get you pre-approved for financing or that you already have your financing in place first before pursuing a test drive. Please call us at 402-991-1112 for any other questions.

Do you assist in shipping/transportation?
Yes we ship vehicles. The buyer is responsible for paying for shipping. Our shipping is top notch. All our carriers are fully insured and extremely professional. We offer only door to door service at a very affordable price. CLICK HERE for a shipping quote.

What forms of payment do you accept when purchasing a vehicle?
We accept up to $500 via Credit/Debit card and PayPal up to $500. The remaining balance must be paid via certified funds, i.e. cashier’s checks made payable to “The Internet Car Lot, Inc.” cash or bank wire. Please contact us for details.

Are the asking prices on your vehicles negotiable?
We do our very best to put aggressive internet prices on all of our vehicles but yes we accept and entertain offers. Please understand we help private parties sell their vehicles online. With that said we do not have the bottom say in price, your best bet for a good deal is to make an offer to us and let us present it to the seller and see what we can get done for you.
When purchasing a vehicle, do I deal directly with The Internet Car Lot or the customer?
You will deal with The Internet Car Lot. We function like a realtor in the deal and will do our very best to help a deal come together. Please contact us to make an offer.
Do you sell vehicles to international buyers?
Yes absolutely! We’ve sold vehicles to over 30 countries worldwide and are very familiar with the process! We can even assist in overseas shipping directly to you!

For Sellers:

How does selling my vehicle with The Internet Car Lot work?
We handle EVERYTHING….all the phone calls, emails, tire kicker questions, test drives and so forth. We setup an appointment for you to bring the vehicle down to our Omaha store, we take about 75 photos, tell us a little about your vehicle then you take the vehicle home. The listing takes about 50 minutes. We will help guide you with determining your asking price – it is ultimately your decision what you want to price the vehicle at but we give you our professional opinion. We will have our team of ASE certified technicians inspect your car to ensure there are no safety issues prior to selling. You then basically sit back and wait for an offer. As far as what we charge: a run-it-til-it-sells ad starts out at $149.99 with us. That gets you worldwide exposure on over 400 major automotive websites including,,, Craigslists, etc… If you want to ad an eBay worldwide ad there is an additional up front fee. We take a small commission from the offer price you accept. We even take care of paying off your loan at the time of sale if there is one. Please contact us to schedule a time to have us help you sell your vehicle! Please note, at this time we are currently only doing listings for consignment from our Omaha store.

I don’t live in the Omaha metro area, can you still sell my vehicle?
Unfortunately at this time we can’t. The vehicles must physically be at our dealership at the time they are listed and sold.

How do test drives work?
We handle them for you. We’ll give you at least 24 hours notice when we’ll need your vehicle to show it and make sure the customer has been pre-screened and is a serious potential buyer with financing in place.

If a buyer needs my vehicle shipped, do you handle that and who pays?
Yes we ship vehicles. The buyer is responsible for paying for shipping. Our shipping is top notch. All our carriers are fully insured and extremely professional. We offer only door to door service at a very affordable price.

What if I have a loan on my vehicle?
Yes. We just need to know your loan payoff amount and at the time of sale – we handle paying off your loan and do all the paperwork for you!

How does the title transfer work?
You keep the title until you get a check from The Internet Car Lot. You transfer the title to us at the time of sale. We handle all of the title reassignment paperwork for you!