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Add your vehicle to the list of THOUSANDS of vehicles SOLD by The Internet Car Lot!

Local & World Wide Exposure
The Internet Car Lot lists your vehicle on our massive online advertising network of the most popular automotive websites including eBay, Craigslist, AutoTrader,,, and more! Your vehicle has the potential to reach millions of buyers worldwide by listing it with us!


Get more money for your vehicle
On average, vehicles sold online sell for 20-35% higher than a dealer would offer you as a trade-in or even a cash purchase. Remember, a dealer taking your vehicle on trade-in has to turn around and sell your vehicle for a profit!


Take the Work out of Selling your Vehicle
Selling your vehicle is a lot of work. The Internet Car Lot will handle all the phone calls, emails, and questions about your vehicle so you can focus on your life and not selling your vehicle!


Professional photography
Vehicle buyers shop with their eyes, and your vehicle’s photos are extremely important. When selling with The Internet Car Lot, our professional photographers will take dozens of high-quality photos of your vehicle that your buyers want to see.


Get Paid Quickly & Securely
When you sell your vehicle with us – you get a check directly from The Internet Car Lot so you never have to worry about fraud, fake checks, or even counterfeit bills as you would if you sold your vehicle yourself.


Buyer Services
Buyers love buying from The Internet Car Lot because they receive all of the benefits of buying from a normal dealership but they can shop consignment vehicles instead. We help out buyers with financing, shipping, warranties, and even offer free airport pickup!


Sit Back, Relax, & Call the Shots
We take care of the tire kickers.  The Internet Car Lot will present you with an offer on your vehicle directly so you decide what you want to accept for your vehicle without being pressured.

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