Types of Makes and Models at the Used Car Dealership

Posted Sunday, Jul 30, 2023

Find All Makes and Models at Used Car Dealerships
When buying a used car, there are many moving parts to consider. Since buying a new or used vehicle is going to be a significant investment, even the smallest mistake could cost you a lot of money. This is where you need to do your research to find a fair deal when choosing a car from an inventory filled with all makes and models. The first place to start is knowing the different types of makes and models that are available in the inventory of used car dealerships.


We start with the most popular vehicle type that you will find on the roads. The sedan is a four-door vehicle and comes in a variety of designs from the subcompact Kio Rio and Nissan Versa to the mid-size Accord and Nissan Altima and the conventional Dodge Charger and Toyota Avalon. All of the largest car manufacturers in the world produce sedans in a range of sizes, making it easier for you to find the perfect one for you.


While “hatchback” as a term was used to describe early subcompact and compact sedans, newer versions of the hatchback have steered away from the traditional rear flip-up hatch door and squared-off look, to vehicles that look a lot like sedans, such as the Kia Stinger or Audi’s A7 that boast of a raked hatchback design that makes the cargo side more accessible.

Station Wagons

Similar to the sedan, the station wagon is distinguished by its hatch door and extended roofline. Some popular options for station wagons include the Subaru and Audi. Station wagons are a great choice for those customers who are looking for vehicles that are versatile and have elevated ground clearance along with a rugged aspect that performs well on city roads. The trusty station wagon provides all of that and more in neat packaging.


No list of used car types would be complete without including the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Also called a crossover, the SUV stands taller than the other vehicle types on this list. More boxier than the hatchback and more rugged than the sedan, the SUV, especially the ones with three-row seats provides more room which translates to a better level of comfort for its occupants, not to mention a larger cargo capacity as compared to other vehicle types.

Some great examples of the SUV include the Ford Expedition or the smaller Nissan Kicks, both of which do exceedingly well in the used car market as well. However, you could experience the ultimate in comfort if you go for the SUVs from one of the luxury brands, which provide far more features and creature comforts at a bargain.

The Pickup

We weren’t going to stop there. The pickup truck’s popularity has grown in leaps and bounds through the years thanks to the open cargo bed at the back, which is the vehicle’s main selling point. This also delivers a unique design that makes the pickup stand out in a sea of sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs.

In case you were wondering, the Honda Ridgeline is one of the most sought-after pickup trucks in the used vehicle market, but there are plenty of other design options, including ones with cabs mounted at the back for better protection and more passenger space. If you are searching for a pickup at used vehicle dealerships, then you can find them in two basic categories, the mid-size and full-size models, making it easier for you to find one that suits your needs.

Classic/Vintage Cars

A classic automobile is one that is between 20 and 40 years old, in nearly pristine condition, meaning that it is very similar to the original manufacturer's specs. It should be noted that an automobile can be removed from this category with even a small alteration.

Another definition of a vintage automobile is one that was produced in the 1920s, however, this classification is dependent on the insurance company and state regulations. Many automobiles from the 1960s were formerly classified as classic cars, but they have now been relegated to an even older category to make room for models from the 1980s and 1990s, including the Nissan Skyline or the BMW M3s that were regularly featured in publications throughout those decades. A classic car is also defined as one that was manufactured in the 1920s, but the insurance company and state regulations determine this definition were commonly featured.

The term derives from the widespread use of brass in the production of automobiles during that period (1896–1915) (fittings, radiators, etc.). Unexpectedly, these classic automobiles were in demand before they were given the "vintage" label. With a sizable fan base and car aficionados prepared to pay top money for classic cars like the Model T and other coach-built bodied automobiles, the appeal of these Brass Era Cars is still going strong. The popularity of these Brass Era Cars is still going strong with a large following and car enthusiasts willing to pay top dollar for vintage cars such as the Model T and other coach-built bodied vehicles.

The fact that vintage automobiles do not lose value over time, in contrast to their classic or antique equivalents, is one of the main advantages of collecting them. Vintage automobiles retain their worth even if they are changed, unlike classic and antique vehicles. In truth, a vintage automobile may nearly always be modified without losing its "vintage" designation in terms of design or powertrain. Street rods, exotic cars, and custom cars all fall into the vintage category and are some of the most well-liked vintage vehicles on the road today. are made to a historic car's engine or design will not cause it to lose its "vintage" designation. Street rods, exotic cars, and custom cars all fall into the vintage category and are some of the most well-liked vintage vehicles on the road today.

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